Ziggo Mobile Providing customers with television, internet and telephone services at home was just the beginning. Ziggo Mobile now makes communication, content and information available anywhere, anytime. Already competitively priced, Ziggo Mobile is supplemented by unlimited access to our more than one million WifiSpots. Mobile telephony is an important step towards offering customers fully converged services.
Digital & Interactive TV Television is a mass medium, but the way people use it has become very personal. Ziggo caters to all tastes and requirements. Whether a customer only wants to watch public service programmes on a conventional television, or requires an interactive HD experience: we can provide the right solution. And it doesn't end there. Tablets can be used as a 'second screen' or for taking your favourite programme with you, to be watched anywhere in or around the house.
WifiSpots The idea is simple: if every Ziggo customer was to host a public wifi hotspot, these combined networks would add up to one large network with complete coverage in a town or city. And that is just what Ziggo is doing. Over 1 million Ziggo WifiSpots are now active enabling Ziggo customers to have wifi connectivity away from home.
Ziggo & Society Ziggo believes that the quality, availability and accessibility of information, as well as the digitisation required to facilitate all of this, can play a large role in maintaining and advancing an open society. Ziggo has instigated the Ziggo Open Society Award for organizations or individuals that have clearly contributed to a society in which everyone is included and in which everyone has the opportunity to act, think and imagine; thereby increasing pluriformity and the quality of life.